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There are moments

There are moments that evoke and command your silence, having a near-fatal health event just fits the bill. If you are like me, you are a busy woman.

I am a single parent, have always had highly demanding roles at work, the sole caretaker for my elderly mother, and this is just to mention a couple of my responsibilities. I understand how easy it is to put the concept of transformation in your life on the backburner and it simply becomes an afterthought.

Daily stressors coupled with bad choices sprinkled with family health history and neglect of your body and VOILA…cycles of poverty, depression, and unhappiness are¬†served!

You will give up without support and in my case, my heart nearly gave up right in front of my 7 year old daughter. After the heart attack, hospital, cardiac rehab sessions and coming home with 17 different medications plus insulin, I really reached a new low in my life.

My hair was falling out (in clumps), I could not sleep, gained 25 more pounds, and could hardly walk. I went to the doctor three to four times per week and he finally told me the truth that I was on the road to grave early, if I did not make big changes. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks, so I went home and started searching google for changes that I could make right away.

So, the transformation of my mindset began.

I made changes to everything that I could think of. My diet, my exercise routines, my friends, my spending habits, I quit my job, and focused on how I could transform my life to live on my terms and with peace.

Within 3 months, my life changed and morphed into a new mindset spirit, body and brand new business. Before I knew it I lost 100+ pounds, was making more money than at any job, and earned certifications to help people with their life transformations.

Now, you do not have to make changes in the exact way that I did because we are all different, but we have one thing in common, we are all on this site and that means something. I am Sheila Joy and I am your total life transformation coach and I believe that whatever you want, you can have. I am here to help.

It's easy to learn some lessons when you have a heart attack at 29 years old

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You are a aspiring or thriving entrepreneur that feels stuck and you are searching for balance

You are trying to figure out how to turn the passions and purpose you have into profits

You need support to transform your mindset around what you have and what you truly want your life to look like

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Overarching financial freedom knowing the bag is yours to secure

Peace of mind and living without limiting beliefs

Strategies, plans, and support to move your business forward

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Help entrepreneurs find ideas and strategies that work to grow the financials of your business to 6-figures and beyond

Share ways to expand your business territory and introduce you to my network

Be the support that you need to see radical growth

What do I Believe

Nothing that you can dream up cannot be obtained.

Create a strategy to prevent the struggle

Transformation should and can happen in every facet of your life

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