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There are moments

There are moments that evoke and command your silence, having a near-fatal health event just fits the bill. If you are like me, you are a busy woman.

I am a single parent, have always had highly demanding roles at work, the sole caretaker for my elderly mother, and this is just to mention a couple of my responsibilities. I understand how easy it is to put the concept of wellness on the backburner and it simply becomes an afterthought.

Daily stressors coupled with bad food/environment choices sprinkled with family health history and neglect of your body and VOILA…disease and sickness is served!

Your body will give up and in my case, my heart nearly gave up right in front of my 7 year old daughter. After the hospital, cardiac rehab sessions and coming home with 17 different medications plus insulin, I really reached a new low in my life.

My hair was falling out (in clumps), I could not sleep, gained 25 more pounds, and could hardly walk. I went to the doctor three to four times per week and he finally told me the truth that I was on the road to grave early, if I did not make big changes. The realization hit me like a ton of bricks, so I went home and started searching google for changes that I could make right away.

I started with a walk in my subdivision and then going vegetarian for 2 weeks. I started feeling a bit better and my mind was clearer and I could get out the bed. After that first 2 weeks, I kept making changes, went plant based vegan, 6 hot yoga sessions per week, HIIT workouts 5 days per week, quit my stressful 6-figure job, stopped going places that did not provide me peace and solace.

Within 3 months, my life changed and morphed into a new mindset and body. Before I knew it I lost 100+ pounds, was making more money than at any job, and earned certifications to help people with their health.

Now, you do not have to make changes in the exact way that I did because we are all different, but we have one thing in common, we are all on this site and that means something. I am Sheila Joy and I have am your transformation coach and I am here to help change your spirit, mind, and body to life your fullest life.


It's easy to learn some lessons when you have a heart attack at 29 years old

We should work together if

You are struggling with chronic disease or weight loss.

Know that something else besides just your eating is holding you back.

You are ready to embark on a healing and restorative journey.

I am here to show you how to live on a higher plane

Help you get medication free, lose weight, and get more confident in your physical body.

Heal your spirit through prayer.

Restore your mind through meditation.

Does this sound like what you desire?


To reach optimal wellness in all facets of life

To heal from the past emotional scars that are holding you hostage

To honor your spirit mind, and body every day by taking steps to transform

Working with me you will

Are you ready, sis?

What I do

Food and Fitness | Daily Life habit changes | Spiritual Alignment

What do I Believe

I believe in holistic health and holistic health is about caring for the whole person. Being unwell in any area of your life affects your overall health.

I believe that there are no limits on what you can accomplish and you should live your life that way every day.

I believe that we do not have another “Monday” to wait for to get started on changing and transforming.

I believe in helping women glow up and have it all.


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Platinum Wellness

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Get the personalized one-on-one treatment that you desire to reach all of your wellness goals.

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